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Jagriti Theatre launched its new season ‘Season 2012’ in the City recently. However, this time it is not only about theatre but also has a plethora of other events. 

 The season will see music, dance and art along with theatre, which would be a wholesome experience for Bangaloreans.

The latest season will present various old plays which have been tweaked around with something fresh like a new cast, a new director etc. 

“It is more like old wine in a new bottle. We will showcase five new plays such as ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ , ‘Death and the Maiden’, ‘The Invisible River’, ‘Valley Song’ and ‘Orgasmo Adulto Escapes from the Zoo’. Many of these are old plays but they will have a brand new cast and will be directed by the younger crop,” said Arundhati Raja, one of the founders of ART and Jagriti Theatre.

“In the last 20 months, we have been host to many groups across the country, there have been many book launches and so many more playwrights have come up lately. We also plan to get affiliated with the Film Society of India and start film production as well,” she added.

The season will see a host of things happening in between the plays. Artistes from different genres will showcase the versatility of art. 

‘Polished Bottoms’, a comedy group will be performing on August 17 and Tara Kini will present a solo Hindustani classical recital, along with music. There will also be art from around the world and the ‘Bengaluru International Arts Festival’ will be held on September 7 to 9. 

A dance troupe from Bangladesh as well as Israel will also be performing for the Bangalore audience.

“The Majolly Music Trust will present  western classical music and a Manipuri group will present dance and theatre. We will also have a group from Kolkata performing in the City. Keerthana Vaidyanathan will open the show for Bombay Jayashri on October 20,” added Arundhati.

Jagdish Raja, one of the founders of ART, said that the response for the last season had been great and every season they get to see new faces. 

“Bangalore is a small city and we can identify art lovers easily. However, we see fresh faces every year and there are so many youngsters who come for the plays. The art industry is seeing many budding playwrights and actors ,” he summed up. 

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