Farmers to get seeds, fertilisers at 50 pc subsidy

Agriculture department would be providing seeds of various crops at 50 per cent subsidy after the cloud- burst which followed severe drought.

Paddy, hybrid paddy, ragi, jowar, maize, urad, toor, green gram, groundnut, sunflower, black eyed pea (alasande), chickpea (hasikadale) is provided at 50 per cent discount to farmers for the year 2012-13, which the department says, would benefit farmers.

The paddy which ranges from Rs 625 to Rs 650 per quintal for various varieties, is distributed at a cost of Rs 387 to Rs 412 presently.  To increase the yield, under ‘bhu chetana’ scheme, gypsum, zinc sulphate and borax fertilisers is also given at half rate discount.

Farmers of H D Kote, Hunsur, K R Nagar, Mysore, Nanjangud, Periyapatna and T Narasiur taluks of Mysore district have been beneficiaries of the offer. The seeds distributed against the supply of 21,311.73 quintals, is 13,193 quintals.

 Paddy has been the highest among all seeds distributed - 10,628 quintals and sunflower is least distributed- 5.2 quintals. K R Nagar has been distributed with 4,411 quintals of paddy seeds while H D Kote has been distributed only 162.25 quintals of seeds.

Paddy at Hunsur has seen a distribution of 1,018, Mysore- 835.5, Nanjangud- 1,698, Periyapatna-418 and T Narasipur-2,085 quintals.

Joint Director of agriculture department K R Krishnaiah says, farmers would surely get a good yield after bitter times of drought making use of the benefit. He clarified that there would be no food insecurity in State pertaining to drought conditions.   

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