Baked delights in varied forms

Baked delights in varied forms

Baked delights in varied forms

Last November, 23-year-old Katherene Deborah Abel took on the challenge to give Bangalore the “best cupcakes you’ll ever taste”.

Based out of her house kitchen in Electronics City, ‘Ms K Cupcakes’ offers an affordable range of brightly coloured cupcakes in over 15 flavours.

“I started this just to earn extra pocket money but it’s become my full-time job now,” says the young baker, who confesses that she was a very bad baker when she started.
 “Initially, the recipes I found from different places didn’t adjust to my oven. I used to watch a lot of cookery shows on TV and after some trial and error, found my own perfect recipe, which has worked out just fine,” she says.

Her cupcakes are very reasonably priced. The basic ones like ‘Triple Choc’, ‘Classic Vanilla’ and ‘Lemon Burst’ start at Rs 40 for a bite of scrumptious heaven.

 It’s only the customised ones like the ‘Angry Birds’ that can go up to Rs 100 a piece if there is too much work to be done. “The red velvet cupcakes sell the most. The salted caramel and tipsy range, which contain alcohol, are also very popular, especially at parties,” shares Katherene.

Her couture cupcakes, in the shape of bags and heels, are what the women usually like and she claims to have at least one batch of them going out per day. For men, football and other sports are usually the preferred theme.

“I’ve realised that I get more customised orders than the normal ones. And personally, they are more fun to make and can be designed into very pretty and colourful treats for the eye and mouth. I’ve had a lot of clients call me up and tell me that they want to keep looking at the cupcakes and not eat them because they’re so pretty,” she laughs.

She prides herself over having fed the Royal Challengers Bangalore team her creations on one occasion. Her cupcakes will be available at her workshop in Indiranagar by the month’s end. “The new place means a bigger oven, more space and more cupcakes!” says an excited Katherene. For details, call 9916790969.