Exodus may force RGUHS to postpone exams

Officials at the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) are in a fix over conducting undergraduate examinations due to the on-going exodus of North-East student from the city.

The university was slated to hold exams between August 23 and September 5 (see box). The provisional time-table was announced on August 14, just a day before N-E students began leaving Bangalore.

A senior University official said the examinations might not be held on schedule if a “significant” number of N-E students stay away. Nearly 3,500 N-E students are enrolled in colleges affiliated to the university across Karnataka. Of them, at least 2,000 are in Bangalore.

But not all of them are to appear for the upcoming exams which are to be taken by nearly 30,000 candidates.

“We find it very difficult to postpone the exams or set alternative dates for northeastern students,” the official said. “A postponement will affect the entire calendar of events and setting alternative dates might open up a Pandora’s Box.”

Exams can be postponed only for a few weeks. Given the present situation, it is
anybody’s guess when the northeastern students, many of whom have left for their home states, will return to the City. Setting alternative exam dates is equally risky, sources said.

Although Minister for Higher Education, C T Ravi, announced on Friday that alternative dates of general UG course exams will be set for N-E students, RGUHS officials were not convinced.

“How can we hold separate exams for the same batch of students who studied together? Students who get tougher question paper might ask us uncomfortable questions,” explained an official.

Officials hoped that not many students who are to write the exams have left Bangalore. “Being students of professional courses, they are less likely to demonstrate the herd mentality. They will be more concerned about their careers,” they reasoned.

The RGUHS has called a meeting of principals of affiliated colleges on Saturday to arrive at a “suitable” decision. Details have been sought from colleges on the number of northeastern students who are absent from classes.

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