'I believe in ghosts'

'I believe in ghosts'

'I believe in ghosts'

The person closest to your heart
My grandfather

Your hobbies
I am an outdoor person. I love to play squash. I like to swim and workout.

Favourite movie
The Pursuit Of Happiness

One gadget you cannot imagine life without

Do you believe in ghosts?
Yes. I have seen them coming on people.

If you were a historical character, you would be
Tipu Sultan. I loved watching Tipu Sultan on television.

Are you mamma’s pet or daddy’s pet?
On the contrary, both are my pets.
Love to you is
The most interesting thing. One should be very choosy about it as it can spoil your life.

The one place you wish to visit
Kashmir. I have heard it’s the most beautiful place in India.

One good and one bad thing about showbiz
The best thing about this industry is that you earn lots of money in a short period of time. The worst thing is that you lose your individuality.   
Future plans
Only television and movies.