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Take PC’s advice seriously


Home Minister Chidambaram’s advice to Delhiites to change their discourteous attitude before 2010 Commonwealth Games need to be taken by every one seriously. It is true that in boorish behavior and absolute lack of courtesy to strangers the Delhiites come only next to New Yorkers. The following story illustrates New Yorkers’ well known lack of courtesy which changed only when a tragedy like 9/11 struck the city.
Three business men, one from Russia, one from Saudi Arabia and one from New York are walking along Time square. A stranger intercepts them and asks them  “Could you please tell where I can buy cheap steak?”. Without replying him the trio moves away. After a while the Russian asks “What did that fella mean by steak?” Saudi sheikh asks “What did he mean by cheap?” . The  New Yorker says “I can understand those two, but I don’t know what he meant by ‘please’”. It is hoped that at least the Games will teach the denizens of  the Capital to be more polite.

Rama Temple Road,(Off) 80 Feet Road,
Koramangala, Block 6,
Bengaluru 560 095

Mend ways

This is with reference to Delhiites should mend ways before C’wealth games sys Chidambaram appearing in DH dated 23SEP09 Ensuing Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi will be show case to project India akin to China’s staging of Olympics. Union Home Minister Chidambaram concerns over the etiquette of the Delhiites are understandable. Despite PC’s wish list the locals may find it difficult to spontaneously tide over the implementation.

Corruption in the police dept is the root cause for traffic indiscipline. Crash course in civic sense, overall improvement in the attitude, approach will not be an immediate answer instead it must start from the concerned authorities expecting long term solutions.

Deepak Chikramane
Kirsten’s controversial mantra

      I am writing this letter not to discuss the merits or the demerits of our cricket coach's latest, controversial manthra, but just  to emphasize the fact that Kirsten has been hired by BCCI  to coach only Team India and not all the teams competing in the CT. .  His " Advisory" should have been kept confidential, allowing  access to only members of the Indian team. By giving his "Manthra" (or "  Tanthra " ! ) such wide publicity, GK has failed in his duties as the exclusive coach  of Team India.

Jeevan Bima Nagar
Bangalore - 75

Lesser of two evils

Health care reforms benefit the Black population than the White population. This protects President Obama's main vote bank.

Any case the white population is divided. At the time of voting of second term lots of whites will vote for him, not because they like him, but hate the conservative republicans more. He will be the lesser of the two evils for them.

He has cultivated another vital group - the Jewish lobby. This gives him muscle in media and campaign financing. The Jewish lobby knows that they will have more influence in his regime than in a Republican one. Hence his defense of Israel with American missiles.

The other side of the coin is his benign neglect of Hispanic interests. No mention is now made about illegal immigrant regularisation. He knows that interest of Hispanics will always be at the cost of his Black vote bank.

The Green card processing which was at 2004 applicant level during President Bush's time has regressed to an unknown date in the past.

He is a very astute political person.

Deva Sagayam

True tribute to Borlaug

Your editorial " Food for millions " ( Sep 15 ) was a true tribute to Dr Norman Borlaug, the great American plant scientist ,known world over as the father of the Green Revolution,who died at the age of 95 in his Texas home on Saturday.

His pioneering work as a crop scientist saved millions of people across the world from starvation. His role in developing high yielding crop varieties contributed to a dramatic increase in food grain production which proved to be a boon to the developing world.
He can be justifiably credited with saving millions of lives in famine-prone Mexico, India, China and Africa and has helped provide bread for a hungry world. He remained dissatisfied because the much heralded 'green revolution' did not wipe out hunger or poverty. It was his greatness when in his Nobel peace prize acceptance speech in December, 1970 stated without political flourish: "Almost certainly, however, the first essential component of social justice is adequate food for all mankind. Food is
the moral right of all who are born into this world. Yet today 50 per
cent of the world population goes hungry."

Nearly 40 years later, the situation is not too different. We are particularly grateful in India that his successful methods of pest- and drought-resistant wheat seeds have changed the face of Punjab and of the country. And it is this green revolution
that made famine a distant memory.  He believed that hunger and
poverty caused much strife among nations.

 Borlaug will be remembered as one man who contributed most in weeding out hunger. His death comes at a time when the spectre of drought haunts the country. It is a good time to remember his legacy of working for the prosperity of all humans,
especially the weaker sections and your conclusion is perfect that the
world today needs more scientists as dedicated as Dr Borlaug to
benefit from.

Dilbag Rai.
Kendriya Vihar. Sec 48.

Centralised evaluation is better

  VYU's idea of evaluation of answer scripts at Evaluator's home is not a sensible idea, as it has several shortcomings. It defeats the very purpose of confidentiality and transparency of the examination system. Above all VTU's is conducting exams for professional courses which are competitive in nature, and has a relevance when it comes to seeking employment. The intention of saving money, time, and to declare results early should not be the bone of contention,as there is every chances of teachers being bribed  and misued  to secure more marks and a meritorious student,may be be affected. Hence it is always wise to have centralised evaluation with strict guide lines. All the norms should be followed to ensure efficiency among the teachers.

Inamdar Ramachandra
1st n block, R-nagar

Young ambassador

An young girl of 13 years from Lucknow,UP addressed the UN summit for climate change and the aftereffects of green house gases coming in the way of  leading a peaceful life wherein the ice of the Himalayas is melting at a faster rate., Global warming effects are reaching a stage where Mother earth is almost boiling. There is a fear of what is in store in future and for the future generation about the availability of  precious drinking water etc.

The UP Govt.should recognise the talent of the young girl who addressed the UN assembly about an important subject which is worrying the present and the future generation by giving all the facilities to her to continue her studies instead of wasting taxpayers' money.

B S Raghavendra Rao,
Sterling Terraces, BSK 3rd.Stage,

Good job, Mantri- KPL

Kudos to the Mantri-KPL for doing a wonderful job, the effort was a huge success and the way the tournament was organized could be comparable to any international standards.

It is a role model initiative, and the credit should go to the entire KPL team for having worked tirelessly to make this happen. The support of the franchise and the sponsors has been of a very high quality, the non interference of the team owners enabled the players to raise their level of performance. It has definitely laid a platform for young players from the catchment and remote areas of Karnataka to make a mark for themselves and a big opportunity to rub shoulders with the stalwarts. The KPL will gain more mileage, if the telecast of the matches could be made available to cricket fans living all over the world.

K. Amul Chander
Old railway colony,
Vidyaranyapura (Post)

Sky high achievement

The perfect launch of  on 23rd instant which happens to be the 16th birthday for the Polar Satellite Lunching Vehicle of 960 kg Oceansat-2 and six other nan-satellite is a fitting tribute to the scientific prowess of Indian scientists (India launches Oceansat-2- 24/09/09) That in 16 years 15 consecutive  launches  have been 100 per cent success is no mean achivement.Its use in helping  our fishermen whose subsistence depnds upon the day's catch by identifying  potential fishing zones is a great contribution to help them economically. Also, with its capacity to study ocean and the impact of the atmosphere in the context of global warming is a significant contribution to join foreces with other scientists of the world in helping to supplement the study to evaluate data to take steps  to mitigate the effect.

H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana
12th Main, 2nd Cross,

Not welcome

Reference the amendment of the Human Organ  Transplants Act, 1994 as highlighted in your esteemed daily under editorial is very welcoming.  There are certain changes that are added could be a cause for worry. 

 “The proposal to introduce the concept of ‘required request’ under which doctors will be required to ask patients on or before admission to a hospital whether they would consider donating their organs should such circumstances arise” seems not feasible to at least under our country’s conditions when ‘medical ethics’ has been flouted and organs have been removed.  If  before the operation such declarations are taken from the alive patient the patient’s life in some cases could be  endangered  when  some doctors of unethical habits  used to malpractices could misuse the declaration to their advantage in the legal way.

 A declaration is alright in the case of ‘brain dead’ cadaver patients, but to generalize the declaration could prove harmful to the patients life. This part of the Act  needs to be well debated before it  is enacted.  

The Government needs to understand that as long as the ‘demand for organs is more than the supply’ in our Country there will always be corruption.  To meet this short supply  the Government should  bring in maximum awareness programmes about cadaver  human organ transplant as it brings about in many other other cases, like family planning etc.   The Govt. could also take the help of all religious bodies to propagate and encourage cadaver human organ transplant since all of them believe in compassion, sacrifice and  act of charity.  What could be more divine and charitable than giving oneself that many may live through them?

 Ernest  Abraham.   

Earlier The Better

One news says that for a meager 225 vacancies of engineers, the DRDO has received around 1.13lakh applications. In other, for a vacancy of 11,000 posts to clerical cadre in SBI group, 36 lakh applications have been received. Here the ratio is approximately 1:320. When this is the condition of employment seekers in India, is it not the duty of the government to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 58 years thus recruiting the state of the art engineers/intelligent clerks as the case may be.

Naturally, the younger the generation, the better is the discharging of duties. Exactly 50 years back, the retirement age was raised from 55 to 58 years for Central government and public sector employees where as recently is was raised to 60 years during BJP’s rule. In India, we don’t find unemployment subsidy as given in countries like America. When the educated can’t find a job, they turn to anti-social methods thus creating havoc. Hence in the interest of the nation and its unemployed, the retirement age has to be brought back to the earlier 58 years.


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