Madurai Sambavam

Madurai Sambavam

Eyes Speak: A scene from the film ‘Madurai Sambavam’.

‘Madurai Sambavam’ is not a pious flick for devout. Instead,  ‘Madurai...’  is a mundane masala film. The lyricist-turned-director proffers an unapologetic hotch-potch cauldron aimed at B & C class who are sure to have a whale of a time hooting and whistling in gay abandon.

A wanton revenge-cum-romance drama, ‘Madurai Sambavam’, is peopled with guns- and-sickle- bearing baddies unleashing misery on their opponents as also audiences. Indeed the heady kitsch has sober Radha Ravi as Aalamaran, the messiah of Aattuthoti, spearheading the spectacle.  Harikumar (as Kutty his son) is hitched betwixt two damsels — one a femme fatale in khaki, Anuya (as Caroline Thomas who slays his dad) and Karthika (Gomathi, his besotted niece).

The two damsels are no better than mere props. Neither music nor camera provides any solace nor do the courtship songs and bedroom sequences that are dime a dozen. As for dialogues sample these: “In East is Dindukkal, in West is Tirupurakundram, in North is Vellore and Cuddalore in South... Wherever one may be I will sniff him out...”  Whew!

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