Dissidents target Gehlot for student body poll debacle

Leaders link the defeat to poor working style of Rthan govt

The  debacle of the National Students’ Union of India in the Rajasthan University Students’ Union elections gave an opportunity to dissident MLAs to target chief minister Ashok Gehlot.

The dissidents view the result of the students’ elections ahead of state Assembly polls next year as a reflection of public sentiment.

A group of dissident leaders has attributed the defeat to inflexible and poor working style of the government, weakening the party in the state.

“The recent results in the students’ union elections suggest the party is becoming weak day by day. Party workers are becoming frustrated as their voice is muffled,” said Col Sona Ram, MLA from Barmer district.

“We are not targeting anyone individually, but if the party becomes weak it raises question on the ability of the top leadership in the state,” he said, indirectly targeting the chief minister.

After the ban on holding students’ union elections was lifted, the NSUI could not do well for the third term, though the state is ruled by a Congress government. At least 40 per cent of the state’s population comprises youth. It is a matter of serious concern that the state government has failed to woo youth, who are now voters in the general election.
The dissident group is planning to report the situation to the high command.

“It was Rahul Gandhi who targeted youth of the country in favour of the party. This time, he was taking keen interest in students’ elections. How can the government ignore young people, who make 40 per cent of voters in the state?” said Sona Ram.
He said he will report the matter to the party high command.

“It is the duty of every party worker to keep leaders updated on every development. We are working for the party and can’t let it weaken for a few top leaders in the state,” said Sona Ram.

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