'Shame that SMSes can threaten us'

'Shame that SMSes can threaten us'

'Shame that SMSes can threaten us'

 Calling the North-Easterners a beautiful bunch of flowers, Governor H R Bhardwaj on Wednesday lambasted those who wanted to destroy the fragile social structure.

He was speaking at the Id Milan harmony dinner at Samad House on Bowring Hospital Road, where the Muslims had specially invited North-Easterners to send a strong message of communal harmony.

Bhardwaj said the recent happenings in Bangalore had made people hang their heads in shame.

“It's a matter of great shame that our 65 years of Independence can be threatened by mere SMSes. Don't you feel pained when your children and women are threatened and displaced the way people from North-East are threatened? I have seen the pain of partition and I know what it means when you are uprooted. Take a vow that such things should not happen in India,” the Governor said.

He said the people of North-East are beautiful, trustful and truthful.
“If you meet them, you will fall in love with them.”

Reminding people that Islam stands for peace, Governor admired the leaders of Muslim community for handling the situation in the best possible manner in the wake of hate crimes against the North-Easterners.

He underlined the contributions made by Muslim leaders like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad in shaping the new India.

“We as a society cannot afford to fight over religion. Remember, India is a fellowship of faith,” the Governor said.

On the occasion, the DG and IGP L R Pachuau, Police Commissioner Jyothi Prakash Mirji, and the retired DGP Ajay Kumar Singh were also present.