India's best is homeward bound

The finest panoramic photographs of India are set to adorn your home and office walls.

India’s foremost panoramic photographer Amit Pasricha is out with an elegant range of museum-quality, limited-edition photographic art prints called ‘Archiva.’ These timeless works of art are rarely-seen perspectives of India’s classical heritage, her grand monuments, sacred traditions and cultural landscape. These are prints to be treasured, preserved and bequeathed as a legacy.

Amit, son of the illustrious Avinash Pasricha, specialises in panoramic digital photography – a technique he has used in The Monumental India Book. The book is today counted amongst the Top 10 coffee-table books of the World and has received the !ncredible India award for Excellence in Publishing.

His The Sacred India Book – has received the !ncredible India Award for Excellence in Publishing.

Come December, the ICCR is mounting an exhibition of his photographs in Berlin as part of the on-going ‘Festival of India in Germany.’

Amit informs Metrolife, “Limited edition prints of panoramic photographs are extremely expensive in India. Photographers produce not more than five to seven prints of their best photographs and each of them sells for lakhs.

I felt I could bring out editions targeted at a larger audience which would be affordable too. Hence, Archiva.”

“I have reproduced” he continues, “my best shots of North India. These include icons like Jama Masjid, Taj Mahal, Khajuraho temples, Pushkar, Lodhi Tombs and some unknown spots and mood shots of colourful chhatris outside Udaipur, Ek Lingji temples and Sahastrabahu temples around Udaipur.” “Though produced in larger numbers and priced at Rs. 8000-10000, there has been no compromise on quality. They have been printed on the best possible German canvas, using archival ink, treated with archival spray to enhance its life.”

Conveniently packaged in beautifully designed tubes, they are make for great gifts.

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