For brides and grooms

For brides and grooms


For brides and grooms

Now that all the fun of shopping is over and the wedding trousseau is in order, the stress and tension, also known as pre-wedding jitters, can hit even the strongest of couples. Aromatherapy and massage is the best bet for them.

Aromatherapy was coined with the help of two words. Aroma means fragrance and therapy means treatment. So aromatherapy means treatment through fragrance. It is a fast growing form of therapy in spas and thrives on the use of essential oils extracted from plants.

It offers healing and potent remedy from body aches and stress knots, invigorating the mind, body and spirit of the person using it. Here is a pre-wedding stress kit of essential oils that you could use.


It stimulates an over worked nervous system and overall male sexual response. The strong herb aroma suggests its value as an emotionally strengthening oil. It is also a mental stimulant which helps in clearing the head. In the Italian language, basil translates as, “Kiss me, Nicholas” and is synonymous with love.


Undoubtedly, the sexiest flower fragrance. Described as the king of flower oils and the scent of angels, jasmine is a renowned aphrodisiac and is used in love potions. It is truly the oil to move the heart and soul.

Extensively used by brides as it induces confidence, the aroma is seductive, sweet, floral and long lasting. It has been used to decorate many a nuptial bed not just due to its delicate appearance but also because it is a great aphrodisiac and confidence booster. Women in India have always been encouraged to use a lot of jasmine in the first few weeks of their wedding.


This clear, light, flowery aroma is best known for its calming, soothing and balancing qualities. It has been the most popular essential oil for centuries. Lavender cleanses both physically and spiritually and is also very relaxing when used sparingly and can over stimulate the system when used in excess.


The sweet, woody aroma is more for centering a spiritual and meditative state. Sandalwood has a persistent, sensuous perfume and is one of the oldest known aromas  and has been used for more than 4,000 years. The oil is gentle and sedative and helps in self-expression. It is a sensual stimulant.

Clary sage

The sage is deeply releasing and euphoric, eases depression, inspires optimism and happiness.

Ylang ylang

This herb is a turn-on aroma for both sexes and a deep relaxant as well. The name Ylang Ylang means “flower of flowers.” In Indonesia, the fragrant flowers of ylang ylang are ceremonially scattered on the beds of a newly married couple. This voluptuous oil is a very widely used aphrodisiac.


The following oil recipes for massage can guarantee at least a few hours of blissful, stress-free time.

Take three tablespoons of vegetable oil (almond oil) and mix it with three to five drops of essential oil of your choice. Massage the sore part of the body to get that circulation going, to release stress and to improve the texture of skin.

While all massages aim at relieving tension, there are specific techniques that you can use to deal particularly with stress. The use of pressure points can be very helpful. The aim should be at loosening, relaxing and stretching, to encourage yourself to let go, even if just a little. To  relax, request your masseur to use gentle moves instead of kneading the muscles like dough.

Facial massage

The facial muscle stores a great amount of tension. Relaxing the face muscless can bring about an immediate change in mood and softness in appearance.

Take a teaspoon of almond oil, add a drop of lavender and massage for 20 minutes. Give the sore body part a hot compress, followed by layering the skin with a chocolate pack. Remove this after 10 to 15 minutes. Follow this up with a cold compress with ice cubes.

Head and shoulder

Massaging the neck and scalp is a must to relive tension of the spine. This will help maintain a relaxed back. While massaging, focus on squeezing and pressing the muscles outward. Use pressure points to make it effective. The key here is gentleness. Always move in to a slow stroke, and only increase the pressure once you feel the back is relaxed.

Diffuse rose aroma into your room. Take a bowl of water and float rose flowers or petals in it. Light a few floating candles in it. The room needs to be smelling of rose. Take a deep breath and let the fragrance take over your senses. Enjoy the pampering before your big day.

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