Mundane Facebook updates make people sick of you: study

Mundane Facebook updates make people sick of you: study

 Mundane status updates, posting photos of food and writing about your boring habits are among the top Facebook gripes, a new study has found.

Public displays of affection, wonderful partner and equally brilliant children also make people sick and if you don't stop clogging up others' news feeds with your mundane status, you're likely to get unfollowed, according to the study.

While 59 per cent of the 1000 Aussies surveyed admitted they would delete friends that hogged their news feed, 42 percent named using the social network as a diary as the most annoying Facebook habit, followed closely by posting Instagram photos of their food.

Checking in everywhere you go rated a 38 per cent annoyance rate, and your public fawning over your latest squeeze is causing 29 per cent of your friends to want to never see your name on their screen ever again.

As many as 21 per cent of people want to stop following you if you keep posting photos of your baby '' reported.

About 26 per cent of Aussies simply can't stand annoying quizzes and tests and commercial promotions that claim to increase your chances of winning by inviting everyone on your friends list to join.

The study also found that passive and aggressive updates and self-promotion came in a close second to that at 24 and 22 per cent 'can't stand' rate respectively.

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