Stop the swelling today

Stop the swelling today


Stop the swelling today

 Get tips on how to combat swelling of the feet and calves.Many a time, our feet swell up and we don’t realise it because it is rather painless till they grow heavy. Sometimes the swelling proceeds all the way up to the calves.

Frequent fliers, professionals who are stuck with sedentary jobs, pregnant women, women awaiting their menstrual cycle or nearing menopause are usually susceptible to this condition. Erratic or slow flow of blood and body fluids are the main causes of this edema. Usually, the swelling settles down on its own when the phase is over. Yet, the discomfort can be eased out if the people who are affected follow a few simple precautions.

Whenever possible, put up your feet so that it is a notch above the heart level. Lie on your back and make cycling movements in the air with your feet and go on leisurely walks to stimulate circulation. Deep breathing and drinking plenty of water can ease out a simple case of swelling.

Add a pinch of camphor to a tablespoon of coconut oil and heat the liquid. Massaging the ankle and calf area with upward strokes using the oil can ease the discomfort.
If the swelling lasts for days on end, here are a few home remedies that can prove to bring great relief:

Boil 25 grams of barley in two litres of water and drink it periodically over a day. It will flush out the bladder and reduce edema.

Soak a tablespoon of horse gram in half a litre of boiled and cooled water and let it stand overnight. Strain the liquid in the morning and consume it on an empty stomach. The swelling will come down in a few days. If this process is repeated for 45 days, it is highly unlikely that one may have problems of edema in the near future.

The stem of the plantain tree, consumed as a salad, can be tossed into the traditional raitha and eaten several times a day for two to three day. This is shown to be effective.
If you have never used plantain stems, you will do well to follow these instructions.

While cutting the ivory-coloured stem, keep a bowl of water and buttermilk within reach. The fibre from the stem is easily separated when it is dipped in the water, and the fleshy pieces of the stem should be soaked in buttermilk to prevent it from changing colour before being put to use.

Refrain from consuming potatoes, colocasia, raw plantains and beans while there is swelling.Avoid consuming lemons, tomatoes and citrus fruits for a few days. If your condition has not improved, consult a doctor as it is likely that you could be suffering from kidney stones in your system.

These home remedies will not help ease lymph edema in the limbs because the lymph nodes may have been removed during surgery. Nevertheless, exercises suggested by a competent physiotherapist can help to ease or at least control the condition.
If your swelling persists for more than 10 days despite trying out these remedies, it is time to see a doctor.

The swelling of feet and legs can also cause escalated blood pressure, faulty organs like the kidney, liver or even the heart. The condition may also reflect venous thrombosis or varicose veins. Sometimes, it can indicate allergic conditions. Prescribed tests and medical evaluation can help one zero in on the problem and arrive at a solution.