A hearty laugh throughout

A hearty laugh throughout

Centerstage, a new wave media movement, recently presented its unique improvisational comedy show titled ‘The Improv’. Held at Alliance Francaise, the show conceptualised by Saad Khan and Siddhanth K S, brought together six actors on stage to perform a variety of scenes from situations for and by the audience.

The performance in progress.The production showcased four houseful shows with audience laughing their hearts out at the quick witted actors’ antics on stage.

 Centerstage founder Saad Khan essayed the role of a host and a quirky mediator making actors Vibhinita Verma, Kenneth Sebastian, Richa Kapoor, Naveen Kumar, Noella Ferrao, Sundeep Rao and Siddhanth K S perform the roles.

“It’s just the most liberating experience to have no script and so, nothing binds you. It also lets you see how much you’re willing to push yourself because it’s essentially about how spontaneous you are. It really keeps you on your toes and it’s very exciting to be a part of it,” says Vibhinita Verma, one of the actors.

 “As an entire team, the event was quite a success and needless to say, a more than satisfying experience,” she adds.

The shows created a terrific buzz and was very well received by audiences, most of whom came back to watch repeat shows as every show was unscripted and improvised, thus different.

Spotted among the happy audience were cricketer Yuvraj Singh, model-choreographer Sheetal Sharma, designer Raj Shroff and eminent Bangaloreans from various fields of business, theatre and film.

“It was surprising for me to go and watch people, who are not established actors, to pull off such a show. I’ve had a good laugh after a very long time,” says Sheetal Sharma, who is a regular at comedy clubs.

 She also admired the actors for having the guts to perform ‘improv theatre’ in such a fresh and unique way.

She adds, “Saad was excellent at conducting it and kept the audience in splits throughout. It’s easy to let the momentum die in a long show of such a format but he did not let that happen. They didn’t fall short of expectations even for a second!”