N-E students back, no cut in attendance

N-E students back, no cut in attendance

Over 700 students from the North-Eastern states, including students, who returned to the City on Tuesday morning, had a word of reassurance from Deputy Chief Minister R Ashoka, who said he would direct City college principals to ensure they did not lose attendance for the period of “exodus”. 

“These students were not able to attend classes as they were scared of the happenings around them and also many of them fled the City,” he said.

Ashoka said the return of the people was a welcome move. “The efforts of the State government have started yielding results. The brand of Karnataka when it comes to maintaining peace and harmony, has been safeguarded. Of  the N-E people who fled the City, about 1,500 have returned in the last few days,” he said.

The minister also lauded the efforts of the State police who arrested suspected terrorists and thwarted their plans to disrupt peace. Even during the exodus, the police ensured that no untoward incidents took place.

“An estimate says there are around four lakh Kannadigas in different parts of the country. Just like how we expect all of them to live in peace, it is our responsibility to ensure that people from other states are safe in Karnataka,” the minister said.

A special train from Guwahati arrived in the city on Tuesday  around 4.30 am bringing people from the North Eastern states, who had left the city during the exodus. Speaking to Deccan Herald, South Western Railway (SWR) spokesman Suvankar Biswas said an estimated 700 passengers arrived in the city railway station.

Saket Sharma of Guwahati said he returned to Bangalore as he found not much job opportunities back home. “My friends who stayed back here said the situation has improved. Also, the owner of bar where I worked had set a deadline of a month to get back to job. I don’t want to miss this job where I am being paid well,” he said.

Difference in pay

For Zothan Pui of Nagaland, it was the difference in pay scale between Bangalore and the N-E states, that made her to return. “I tried for a week and there was no salary packages which could match my Bangalore job. I am also advising my friends, who are still back home, to get back to their jobs soon,” she said.

In the case of Richard Ronmai of Nagaland, education is the pull factor. “I am studying medicine with a City college and my parents have invested lakhs of rupees. I can’t risk their investment,” he said.

Richard Ronmai also added the situation in Bangalore is a lot better than it was 15 days ago.

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