Women and imitations they love!

Women and imitations they love!


There are a ‘few’ things that a woman cannot live without  her clothes, her valuables and her jewellery.

Jewellery, which is an universal accessory be it in any form one would find women accessorising themselves in some way or the other.

We all know that India’s glorious history has affected every aspect of Indian lifestyle, be it the food or  jewellery. So, jewellery since then has remained an integral part of the lifestyle and thus, the diverse history of India has influenced the jewellery styles as well. Since times immemorial, people have adorned themselves with gold, silver, precious gems.

But in recent times, more women are preferring to go for imitation jewellery over gold – primarily because of its soaring price these days.

Gold has reached Rs 33,000 for 10 grams and has become out of reach for many jewellery lovers. So while earlier, imitation jewellery was reserved for occasions like weddings, today it has become the norm and is well within reach too.

Add to that, its workmanship is now as good as real ones with the most intricate of the designs being brought into the market. Traditional designs in kundan, meenakari, polki etc. are in great demand nowadays.

Dolly Oberoi, a jeweller mentions that the preference for designs have changed nowadays.

“People prefer lighter jewellery, when it comes to weight. But the design has to have a heavier look. They do not prefer heavy ones.”

Another chunky jewellery lover, Sandita Paul blames the high price for not able to buy gold earrings. “How can anybody buy gold these days? It is so expensive. I so wanted gold earrings. So, now I am focussing more on silver ornaments.”

Also, plain metals and eco-friendly materials like wood, simple and semi-precious stones in earth colours, accessories made from cloth pieces are becoming quite popular amongst youngsters. Pearl  also plays a big role as we see them with different colours and shapes than ever before. They are simple with tones and colours that matches anything in the wardrobe.

Another jewellery enthusiast Ruma Nag is quite miffed with the gold hike. “I was planning to buy some gold for my daughter, but now I think my daughter would have to settle for imitation jewellery now.”