Young Indians to compete with international B-Boys

Young Indians to compete with international B-Boys

Young Indians to compete with international B-Boys

The stage was set and participants across Delhi gathered to give their best shot and win a chance to represent their City at the ‘UK B-Boy Championship’.

The enthusiasm displayed at the Delhi prelims of one of the largest B-Boying championships, organised by Sony’s Zomba along with British Council, was complete as energetic boys were provided an opportunity to put their best foot forward.
It is the first time that India is participating in this B-Boying championship which shall also bring qualifiers from countries like US, UK, Japan, Korea and Russia.

The event started with a bang and participants performed both as solo and crew. Rigorous battles of four hours gave tough time to the judges - Anthony Jackson and Spin from Soul Mavericks Crew.

After the competition Anthony said, “This is the second competition that we have judged after Chennai and the level was very high. However, there was much more participation from Delhi. The finalists are great and their hunger for B-Boying very visible.”
On their part, the winners were elated and apprehensive for they will now be competing with fellow Indian B-Boys in the final round.

Abhilash Kumar, the solo winner said, “I have been practicing for 3-4 hours everyday for the past three months. But after coming here I realised that the competition has more rounds than was mentioned. So the difficulty level rose.”

A diploma holder in computer engineering, this is Abhilash’s first victory. “I haven't won any competition before so this victory is very special. Even now I have injuries but B-Boying is an addiction, once you are into it, you can’t leave.”

Vikas Gupta, captain of Projekt Street Dance, which won among crews, seconds Abhilash, “Our crew comprises youngsters between 15 and 25. None of them are professionals and all have a life beyo­nd B-Boying but it is the passi­on that keeps us engrossed.”
The final championship will be held in London where dancers will battle for a chance to represent their nations, as the event will feature the best solo breakers, poppers, lockers and B Boy crews from across the globe.