Lal Bagh's Cinderellas are eating slippers

Lal Bagh's Cinderellas are eating slippers

They will be busy feeding Lal Bagh’s adorable ducks with slippers, plastic bottles, coke and pepsi cans, old hats and caps, and any other rubbish they can rid themselves of.
The hungry ducks rush to put their noses in the filth, after having enchanted every visitor there with their gentle, innocent waddling and their swooping and soaring into the air to show you their rainbow paintwork. 

Lal Bagh does try to keep the lake clean, though it could be cleaner! But it is worrisome to see the hungry ducks tasting slippers and rotten clothing, cups and mugs and plastics.

The duck and pelican carnival can delight us in seconds with their winsome waddling and if the day has bruises on it, they will heal it just by washing up! Ducks take hours to scrub and polish off their rainbow dressing till it glitters.

It is like listening to a Beethoven or an A.R. Rehman symphony for free! And in return Lal Bagh’s Horrible People treat them with trash.

  Unless the garden’s top brass keep a stern watcher there and levy a hefty fine for littering, Lal Bagh’s most valuable treasure, the winsome Cinderella’s will keep eating up slippers vomited out by old Hannibal Hector’s wicked families.