Today's Letters

Today's Letters

Dangers of GM foods


This refers to ‘Feasting for a cause’ (DH, Metrolife, Sept 30).  Kudos to the students of Baldwin Boys’ College for their efforts in spreading awareness about the dangers of genetically modified foods.  To understand how GM foods can be detrimental to health one needs to have a clearer perception about life processes. Magnetism is one of nature’s fundamental forces. It forms an integral part of all things. There are essentially two aspects to all life forms - the primary biomagnetic (bioenergy) forces and the secondary biochemico-physical processes. Normally we are all living in biomagnetic harmony, vibrating in sync with one another. However, in the case of GM foods the natural frequencies of vibration are altered and hence such foods are out of sync with our tissue cells.

Neville S Bengali,

Who will succeed YSR?

Y S Jaganmohan Reddy and his supporters view Rosaiah’s installation as a temporary arrangement and they are appalled that the heir should be denied his political inheritance. Politics is not about logical extrapolation and extension of existing practices; it is essentially about what serves a party’s interests best at any given point of time.

Jaganmohan Reddy is undeserving of what he aspires for so desperately. The Congress’ central leadership has conveyed to him its reluctance to countenance his claim and it’s likely that he will now be told that his strong-arm tactics are not appreciated. It remains to be seen whether that dampens his enthusiasm or piques him further into acting rashly.


Padmini Raghavendra,

Not unexpected

The union government’s efforts to give a decent burying to the infamous Bofors gun deal involving 64 crore kick-back is not totally unexpected.  From the day one, Congress party occupied the seat of power at the centre after a hiatus, right from the de-freezing account of Italian business man Quattrochchi, paving way for him to withdraw the amount. 

With the CBI under the control of party in power at the centre helped diluting the case to make it look like it is not a fit case to proceed further. It is ironical that even after two decades, country could not bring justice to the perpetrators of ‘pay-off’ in the Bofors gun deal.


II Stage, Rajajiangar,


Shopian Case

The masterminds behind the twists and turns of the Shopian rape and murder case want to send the message to the Kashmiri Muslims in future, if they want justice in any other murder case from the government, they have to face or tolerate the mental and spiritual torture.

The procedure of judiciary and mode of justice is more serious and torturous than the judgment. They have to tolerate the bizarre methodology. What a mental agony the parents of the victim might have felt when the male doctors declared the hymen of the girl was intact after examination of the dead body after four months of burial of the deceased. Why the doctors could not examine in first post mortem. The negligence of the doctors is not less than the crime or it is the clear proof of the intervention of the bosses behind the scene.

It was better the judiciary had declared her disability to impart justice in view of the political intervention instead of making the Goddess of justice dance as per the whims and fancies of the political bosses .This will do nothing but provoke the wrath of Almighty which brings calamities to the nation.


Levels politicians stoop to!

Congress party's plan to lay seize on Vidhana  Soudha was foiled by massive police 'bandobast'. Though Congress leaders cry foul, at the action, their own plan was undemocratic. The men in khaki had no option but to obey the order of government. No one would deny protest in democracy, but Congress' attempt clearly spells that they are running out of ideas. The frustration is dominating them, having failed to utilise the opportunity provided to them on the floor of the parliament House. Now they are trying to divert the attention, but this is not the way to express their vent. Unfortunately Leader of opposition Siddaramaiah seems to have lost control over tongue, the language is equally undemocratic.

Inamdar Ramachandra

Leaders, look at the real issues

The Congress party's bid to seize Vidhana Soudha by creating ruckus, is to say the least churlish and unwarranted. Being a national party and professes to follow Gandhian principles, they indulged in taking out procession which disturbed the serenity and mobility of vehicles smoothly. Gandhiji followed sathyagraha on any issue and even got us independence along with other leaders through peaceful means, without any bloodshed. Gandhiji may be turning in his grave the way present day Congressmen are functioning.

The party has already lost faith and confidence of the people and taking the issue to street inconveniencing them obviously to embarrass the government could only outdistance further. There are burning issues besetting the country, like galloping price of essential commodities. Issues like these can be focused and not non-issues. It is time political parties of all hues shunned processions and agitations on non-issues to prove that they are not dormant. And this will only be counter-productive.

H P Murali