Incessant rains affect life in Bijapur, Davangere

Government is yet to provide relief to the victims
Last Updated : 01 October 2009, 17:23 IST

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In Bijapur houses have flooded the houses soaking the grains and other belongings. Sunagara Oni is Bijapur is totally flooded. Pigs are washed away. “It is the same for us when it rains, we have to borrow even clothes. Death is better than this life” cursed aged Imamabi Hitnalli.

“The entire sewage flows into this area and it becomes one big sewage pond. Children have fallen sick,” says Nagesh Haveri.
The same status prevails in most of the villages. “Doni river drown us every year. No action has been taken. How should we live?’ questions  Yamunavva of Ukumanal.
The government has not yet distributed relief yet to the people here. Only a gruel centre is opened but it is a long queue for a morsel of it.

506 houses collapse
In Davangere 506 houses collapse, 14 cattle washed away on Wednesday night. The rain related loss is estimated at Rs 17.58 lakh. Five are seriously injured in house collapse.
The district has received average of 33.5 mm rain. Harapanahalli has received the height amount of rain of 54.8 mm. Here around 271 houses have collapsed. Aladahalli, Kunemadihalli, Nagarkonda and Hagarisheeranahalli are totally inundated. Talavagal tank has breached.

The biggestlake in the State, Sulekere in Channagiri is filled to capacity at 26.78 feet and is short of only 1.25 feet for overflowing.

Published 01 October 2009, 17:23 IST

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