Rains delay commencement of Kushalnagar-Sampaje road works

Rains delay commencement of Kushalnagar-Sampaje road works

A view of Kushalnagar-Madikeri road damaged due to rains. dh photo

Kushalnagar-Madikeri road was damaged due to the heavy rains. KRDCL has agreed to take up works, journey for passengers plying to Kodagu from Bangalore will be a pleasant one. Though the works were supposed to be started on Friday, KRDCL could not do so due to continuous rain. Hence the works are expected to be started within 10 to 15 days.

KRDCL has decided not to take up any work at Suntikoppa immediately because several buildings need to be cleared for widening the road. Hence, KRDCL has decided to take up alternate road works leaving the main road.
The sum of Rs 97 crore estimated to take up 60.2 km Kushalnagar-Sampaje road has been revised to Rs 101 crore. The work was delayed due to shortage of raw materials and various other reasons.

Meanwhile, Public Works Department has decided to take up repair works after the monsoon and accordingly state government has released a sum of Rs 80 lakh for maintenance of State Highways. Department has also decided to take up 7 road works under Suvarna Road Development Project at a cost of Rs 208 lakh. Murnadu-Napoklu, Murnadu-Balamuri-Parane, Madikeri-Bhagamandala, Bettageri-Nalkunadu, Mude-Bettathur, Chennagolli-Balela and Konanur-Makutta roads will be developed under this project. Kathalekadu-Maragodu, Kumaraswamy Harijana Colony bridge, Garaganduru-Lakkeri Paisari, T Shettigeri-Murnadu, Karike roads will be developed at a cost of Rs 81.87 lakh under special unit project.

Hakathur-Abhyathmangala, Chembu-Kudurepaya (Mallikarjuna temple road) and Birunani-Parakatageri roads will be developed at Rs 36 lakh.
Government has approved development of one part of Kanuru-Nitturu road under central fund. Tender will be floated for the same in 15 days.

The work on the construction of additional classrooms in 8 PU Colleges will be taken up under Nabard project at a cost of Rs 15.12 lakh. Works at Kanur, Kongana, T Shettigeri, Korangala, Hemmane, Bhuthaakar-Kambibane and Hodduru-Ayyangeri roads will be taken up under Nabard project at a cost of Rs 381 lakh.
Tender has been floated for Rs 3 crore work of II phase of ITI College construction at Aldoor-Sidhapura and construction of employees quarters at Rs 1 crore.