Karnataka Bar Council divided over CJ issue

Karnataka Bar Council divided over CJ issue

Unlike AAB, it has decided to wait for collegiums decision

Contrary to Advocate Association Bangalore’s (AAB) decision, the KSBC on Friday resolved to wait and watch.

The Council said, “the media reports have caused great embarrassment to the institution of judiciary thereby sending wrong message to the public.”
However, the members, including AAB former president Sadashiv Reddy and KSBC former vice-chairman Muniyappa, opposed the resolution and sought a decision on the lines of AAB, during the three-hour meeting.

“It is not in the interest of the litigant public. We wanted the Chief Justice not to sit through the proceedings until the pending inquiry is complete. But they went ahead with the resolution saying that since the inquiry is pending, the newspaper reports are misleading and cannot be believed,” said Sadashiv Reddy, speaking to reporters. He said, of the 25 members, three members preferred to remain neutral.
KSBC President Abdul Riyaz Khan has resolved to evolve a machinery to examine allegations against members of the Higher Judiciary and protect the image of judiciary from the harmful effects of media trial and sensationalism. 

The AAB, on September 17, had passed three resolutions - Chief Justice Dinakaran should not participate in proceedings until the inquiry is complete; the judges in the High Court must declare their assets immediately and to bring  to the notice of Chief Justice of India, President of India and Prime Minister of India, the unpopular actions, deeds and orders. 

However, the KSBC has decided to wait till the collegium decides.
“The allegations against Chief Justice is under consideration by the collegium. The correctness of these allegations has to be expeditiously examined and a decision be taken so that people’s confidence in the institution is not shaken. At this stage, the KSBC will repose faith in Supreme Court collegium and Chief Justice of India,” Riyaz Khan said.