Briton licks 42 cathedral, 16 more to come

Briton licks 42 cathedral, 16 more to come

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A Briton, who works for a government-backed group that protects the historic environment, has embarked on a bizarre quest of licking all Anglican cathedrals in the country. He has licked 42 cathedrals in England, and has vowed to lick eight more in Scotland and eight in Northern Ireland.

Lawrence Edmonds, 27, works for the English Heritage, which protects and promotes the historic environment and ensures that its past is researched and understood.

Edmonds thought he had already completed a bet with friends after licking all 42 Anglican cathedrals in England, the Daily Mail reported.

But then he discovered there are eight in Scotland and eight in Northern Ireland, and so he vowed to lick them too. The challenge came about in January 2011 when Edmonds accepted the bet. He thought he had finished his tour in June this year. But then his friends told him about the rest, and all had to be visited by December 16. If he fails, Edmonds will have to streak around the cathedral in his home town, York Minster.

Edmonds’ antics have become a global discussion, thanks to his Facebook page “I bet I can lick every Anglican cathedral in the UK” and his “Cathedral-Licking” blog.

“A lot of people have said, ‘do you think it’s disrespectful’ and I can understand that, but I’ve had very little negative press. Everyone from the church has been really supportive and I’ve been in the Church Times,” he said.