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Last Updated : 15 October 2012, 15:52 IST

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Gifting luxury and hi-end items seems to be latest trend in the corporate world this festive season. A business gift that exudes style, elegance and aspiration is the ultimate expression of anybody’s worth. This is also a way to show appreciation towards employees with a small yet precious gift item.

Gadgets and luxury items are the in corporate gifts, which have replaced gold and silver this festive season because of the latter’s skyrocketing prices. They have given way to luxury watches, designer pens, iPads, smartphones and even home appliances.

Companies have stopped giving gold and silver coins as corporate gifts and are now giving luxury durables and even gadgets to employees and clients.

Festive gifting has been a centuries-old tradition, a goodwill gesture towards clients and a feel-good factor for employees. “The sale of iPads and smartphones has gone up nearly by 40 per cent. These are basically given to only the senior executives in a company and the regular employees are given watches and home appliances, whose sale is up by nearly 30 per cent,” says Tej Kapoor, vice president, Tradus.com, an online portal.

Tradus.com who is witnessing rush in demand for home appliances and even gadgets is also selling grooming packages for women employees too. “For women we are providing perfumes, massages, facials and hair packages for the women employees,” adds Tej.

After seeing the demand for luxury corporate gifts this festive season, a one-stop online fashion shop Watchkart.com is also selling exclusive and vast range of stylish watches, pens, wall clocks from top-notch brands and is seeing greater demand for luxury items this season. “Gold and silver coins are out now, because of the high rates. Everybody is gifting watches, wallets, hi-end pens to their employees as they are useful yet less expensive.”

Westinghouse, a USA-based company manufacturering dishwashers, fridges, freezers, ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, washers and dryers are also selling home appliances for corporate gifting. “We are planning to gift hand-blenders, irons, choppers and rice cookers this season,” says R Venkat its CEO.

Published 15 October 2012, 15:52 IST

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