Research on nanosystem to kill cancer cells figure in 'Nature'

Research on nanosystem to kill cancer cells figure in 'Nature'

Work by a team of Indian researchers, who have developed a novel multi-component magnetic nanosystem that could image and kill cancer cells, has been highlighted in the latest issue of internationally acclaimed 'Nature India' magazine.

The magazine is an international journal, with original, groundbreaking research spanning all scientific disciplines.

The design of nanosystem is bridged on graphene - a carbon allotrope, which could specifically target cancer cells, and deliver cargo of anti-cancer drugs and imaging agent.

"The challenge was to design a multicomponent nanosystem and simultaneously which would be biocompatible for cancer cells," says team leader Dr Jayant Khandare, who works with Piramal Healthcare Ltd. India.

The magazine has noted this manuscript as a ‘Research Highlight’ indicating the importance of this research designed by team of scientists from Piramal Healthcare Ltd.

This multicomponent nanosystem acts as a stronger cellular probe in imaging cancer cells, which is a powerful diagnostic tool. It can also be directed to target cancer cells and cancer tumour using external magnetic field, Khandare told PTI.

Besides researchers from Piramal Healthcare Ltd, the team comprises researchers from the Center for Structural and Functional Materials and Chemical Engineering Department, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA.