Karwar: 2 bodies recovered

Karwar: 2 bodies recovered

Operations continue to rescue nineteen trapped in landslide

The bodies have been identified as that of Vishal Katunakar Talekar (17) and Chandrakala Vishram Talekar (70). Nineteen other victims are yet to be traced.
A team from the Sea Bird naval base, a team of firefighters and police are carrying out the operations.

Of the hundred houses in this area, nine were completely destroyed in the landslide. “I came out of my house to see that a landslide had destroyed trees and houses. There wasn’t even the time to warn my family members, and bring them out to safety. Everything was gone in a few seconds,” recalled  Purushottam Govekar, an eye-witness.

Bodies found

The bodies of two people from Chendiya village, who were feared to have been washed away in a stream, were recovered. They have been identified as former armyman Narayana Talekar (58) and Prashant Gavkar.

District in-charge minister Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri on Saturday announced a compensation of Rs 1 lakh for the families of those who were killed in the landslide. He also said that arrangements will be made to house those who have lost their homes.
As many as 15 gruel centres will be set up across the taluk.