Through the proper channels

Through the proper channels

We live in a world riddled by bureaucracy and red tape. People find it easier to fulfil their requirements through middlemen. In the process, they end up bribing or resorting to nepotism to arrive at their end.

Almost every governmental and non-governmental function and procedure has a formal and informal price tag attached to it.

If an individual refrains from or hesitates to pay the extra price, it is very likely that his work could be delayed inordinately or may not be executed at all. Hence people follow the anomaly like a rule all the while blaming the system.

On the other hand, if people take it upon themselves to route their problems only through proper channel despite all obstacles, it is very likely that they will not only fulfil their agenda, but will also contribute in cleaning up the proverbial Aegean stables.

 The task may sound impossible at the outset. Yet, if we make a collective and conscious attempt to work on the change, the results can be far fetching.

For those of you who think that it is a theoretical idea which cannot be translated into a practical reality, it will do well to remember the character of Sita in the Ramayana. When the princess of Ayodhya was captured by Raavana, she was extremely distressed and helpless.

She, however, did not succumb to the tempting, honeyed or threatening words of the demon king or his aides. Though she drew solace from the virtuous and kind demoness Trishala and Vibeeshana’s daughter Anala, she never considered taking their help because she awaited the arrival of her husband Rama to redeem her.

Later on, when Hanuman found her and offered to take her away to Rama across the ocean, she refused the offer and preferred to wait for her husband to free her. Even after Raavana was killed by Rama, she awaited her husband’s instructions to leave the Ashoka Vatika.

An ordinary soul in Sita’s position would have availed the help as soon as it was offered. The conviction that, “The means are as important as the end” helped her to breeze through her travails. Sita’s determination to do it the right way not only speaks volumes about her knowledge of Dharma, but also brought glory to the prince of Ayodhya.

So also, if every denizen resolves to do things only through proper channel, then everyone will be under compulsion to carry out their duties responsibly. Then, the world will automatically become more organised reliable and respectable.

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