Flooded, but not a single drop to drink

Flooded, but not a single drop to drink

 Besides, they have to encounter poisonous scorpions, which are in plenty. Those who decided to drink flood water have been complaining of diarrhoea. But not many are caring about them.

Due to lack of coordination in the district administration, people have not got the relief so far. Though there is sufficient stock of food grains in the godowns, they are not reaching the affected.

While district in-charge minister Govind Karjol is camping in the district, ruling party legislator from Bijapur City is on a pilgrimage on foot to Tulajapur in Maharashtra.
The government has not been using the facilities available in school building to cook food for the flood-affected people. But most of the schools are locked. In many places, flood-hit people have been forced to take shelter in schools.

Many affected people dispute officials’ claim that they had rescued them from marooned areas.

A ruling party leader was heard remarking that “I am not able to contact officials. What is the plight of the affected people.”