Flow of TN devotees reduces to a trickle at teerthodbhava

Last Updated 17 October 2012, 19:04 IST

There has been a drastic reduction in the number of devotees from Tamil Nadu visiting Talacauvery for the annual Cauvery teerthodbhava event this time around.

Flow of TN devotees reduces  to a trickle at teerthodbhava

The Cauvery dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is seen as the main reason for the dip in the number of devotees from the neighbouring state.

The holy event on the occasion of ‘Tula Sankramana’ used to draw more visitors from Tamil Nadu than from Kodagu every year.

In fact, there was a reduction in the number of devotees also from the districts of Mysore and Mandya, considered the hotbed of the Cauvery agitation.

Another reason for the less than normal response is said to be the restriction by the temple committee on mass feeding by voluntary organisations during the event this year.
Devotees coming with these organisations had gone missing.

The Chettiyar family from Tamil Nadu, the Kodagu Ekikarana Ranga and other organisations were organising mass feeding programmes every year.

A senior member of the Chettiyar family said that they had been feeding people on a large scale on the main street at Talacauvery during teerthodbhava each year as a mark of gratitude to River Cauvery, which waters their fields back in Tamil Nadu.

But, they could provide food to people only on a small scale this time in front of their choultry, he said.

Meanwhile, the teerthodbhava occurred in the ‘Brahmakudike’ at 5.55 am, with devotees shouting “Jai Jai Matha, Cauvery Matha.”

The ‘Brahmakudike’, a little holy pond, was decorated with flowers and jewels. Cultural programmes had been organised since Tuesday night as part of the event.

Various rituals were organised on Wednesday. Later, the devotees took bath in the holy pond.
District in-charge minister M P Appachu Ranjan was present.

(Published 17 October 2012, 19:03 IST)

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