Apathy leaves stadium in ruins

Apathy leaves stadium in ruins

Recently the Department of Public Instruction had organised a district level sports meet for students in the age group of 14 to 17 years.

no play: The steps leading to the basketball court at the mini stadium in Kolar are covered in weeds and lack hygiene. dh photo

The event took place in the mini stadium attached to the Youth Services and Sports Department.

Hundreds of sportspersons had come from various taluks. However, they had no chance to sit in the stadium specifically meant for them.

The podium around the stadium was covered with weeds and littered with garbage and plastic waste. In some places inside the stadium bushes have grown.

There is stench of cow dung in other places because the people in the vicinity tether their cows here.

Sports problems

The bad condition of the basket ball rink made the event difficult for the players. The centre of the rink has cracked open making the players apprehensive while playing. However, they had no other option, but to play in the same rink.

The table tennis and shuttle badminton facilities in the Youth Centre are not in a good condition. These indoor facilities do not have adequate lighting. Therefore organisers hold their table tennis events at Chinmaya School and shuttle badminton events at Mahila Samaj School.

There is also a gymnasium at the Youth Centre where many youngsters come to workout. But this facility too is not in good condition. The whole structure is beyond renovation and repair.

Demolition suggested

Sources in the Youth Services and Sports Department said that three years ago itself the Public Works Department had suggested the demolition of the old structure and building it anew.

When the Minister for Youth Services and Sports Appachu Ranjan visited the mini stadium recently, sportspersons had told him their numerous grievances.

Because of the injuries caused by the bad condition of the basket ball rink, one player sustained injuries and could not participate in a state level tournament.

A compound wall has to be built around the stadium and the tethering of cattle in the stadium has to be prevented. The can be controlled if the fencing wall is built around the stadium, says khokho coach B Suresh Goud.

Some sports enthusiasts say that the mini stadium needs to be cleaned up voluntarily. Until such time it is best not to conduct the Dasara sports here.

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