Commuters' brush with etiquette on Namma Metro

Commuters' brush with etiquette on Namma Metro

Hefty fines have largely restrained them from committing nuisance

Namma Metro has heralded not just smooth and faster rides for commuters in the last one year. Experts in the transport sector and regular commuters feel that the service has also brought in a new travelling etiquette in the City.

Supraja N, a resident of Indiranagar and an employee with a software firm, points out that the very ambience at the Metro stations makes commuters behave themselves and follow the rules.

“Unlike bus stations, you don’t get scattered cigarette butts, garbage spilling over or even the pan masala stains on the walls. Apart from cleanliness, the punctuality of the transport service and hassle-free travelling has a positive psychological impact on commuters and they fell good every time they take the train,” she said.

Manjunath L, a government employee, says he has hardly seen fights among commuters at the Metro stations or in the trains.

“It is true that the ridership for Metro has not gained huge momentum. With more lines getting ready, there will be a bigger rush in future. The very fact that they will reach their destinations faster will settle all issues,” he said.

Pradyumna S K, a transport expert, says people in the habit of spitting around in a bus stand think twice before doing so at a Metro station.

“The reason for the change in behaviour is the ambience he or she is in. I have also observed very few cases of damage to Metro properties, including scratches or damages to the window panes of trains, which is a good sign,” he said.

BMRCL officials say hefty fines and strong punishments for those indulging in nuisance was keeping people in the stations disciplined.

“Under the Metro Railway (Operation and Maintenance) Act, 2002, we have punishments like imprisonment upto 10 years for people who indulge in sabotaging the train or maliciously hurting or attempting to hurt other passengers while travelling in the Metro.

Also, there is a fine of Rs 500 for cases of travelling in an inebriated state or creating nuisance in the train. Pasting posters or drawing graffiti on the walls of stations or trains can lead to the imprisonment of the miscreants for upto six months or a fine of Rs 1,000 being slapped,” said an official.

Another official said notices about Metro etiquette, including Dos and Dont’s, have been displayed in prominent positions, so that passengers are well aware of them.

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