Inclement weather grounds joy ride in air

Inclement weather grounds joy ride in air

Sortie may resume today; suspended since Friday evening

Inclement weather grounds joy ride in air

The Yuvaraja has taken over from the Maharaja at the aerial joy rides being organised at Mysore Airport at Mandakalli on the outskirts of the city. However, visitors will have to keep their fingers crossed as rough weather has grounded the two at the airport.

While Maharaja ensures a lone passenger enjoy a breathtaking bird’s eye view of Chamundi Hill, Amba Vilas Palace and Lalitha Mahal Palace,  the Yuvaraja adds to the joy of families having fun together.

Sources said that joy rides in Cessna aircrafts, are offered in two packages - Maharaja (two including a pilot at Rs 2,500) and Yuvaraja (Four including a pilot and charged Rs 2,000).  The joy ride took off with Maharaja on October 15, while Yuvaraja began two days after on October 17.

As many as 94 had taken the ride on Yuvaraja in just three days against only 56 Maharaja in five days. Buoyed Dasara Adventure Sports Sub-committee who had originally planned till October 24 had decided to  extend the ride till October 30.  The joy was shortlived as the rides were cancelled due to cloudy and rainy weather on Friday at 4 pm.

Guru Nagendra Dutta of Srirangapatna and six of his friends, who had purchased tickets for Yuvaraja on Friday noon were denied the ride.  With high hopes, the group on Saturday morning reached the airport at 9.30 am itself, but to their dismay it continued to drizzle and their wait till 12 noon was futile.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, L Shashank, a village accountant deputed to issue tickets, said that the response is so enormous that it was difficult to satisfy people’s wish of rides due to lack of time. “Their money will be refunded if they wish to even cancel  tickets,” he added.

Instructor pilot Sandip Hati even shared similar view that there is huge demand but there is no sufficient time to accommodate everyone who purchases the tickets, as the permission for the ride is given between 9 am and 5 pm with lunch break from 12 pm to 2 pm.  People usually arrive from 10 am which adds to cut in number of rounds. Referring to the weather, he said it was unpredictable and tourists would have to keep their fingers crossed.

A few people who were waiting at the airport were irked that there was no one responsible to give them a clear picture.

“Irresponsible answers from those present at the airport add insult to injuries. We need someone to co-ordinate with us properly,” they said

During a reality check by this newspaper, not many from the Government Flying Training School (GFTS) nor Dasara sub committee were at the spot. Members of school deputed at the spot had a ready answer: “We do not know anything, please ask the higher officers.” But there was no sight of any higher officer who could the clear doubts of public.

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