Act against polluters, minister tells KSPCB

Act against polluters, minister tells KSPCB

Minister for Environment Sogadu Shivanna on Saturday set a month’s deadline to the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) to act against polluting industrial units in the State.

If the KSPCB fails to act on time, the Karnataka government will crack the whip against the Board, he said.

Shivanna said he recently inspected several manufacturing industries, including Cipsa RIC India Ltd in Tumkur, Harihar Polyfibres and United Breweries in Nanjungud, and noticed that they were all causing damage to environment by violating all rules.

Water in about 20 borewells has become unfit for consumption due to reckless discharge of chemical water. Besides, several cattle have been killed, he said.

Damage irreparable

“Our aim is not to close down these industries, but to ensure that they comply with all rules and stop polluting the environment. We have reached now-or-never situation. If we do not act now, the damage to the environment will be irreparable,” he stated.

Asked whether the minister has the power to take action against the Board for its inaction, Shivanna said the government has formed the Board. If necessary, the government can supersede it, he added.