Nikam welcomes Home Ministry's decision to reject Kasab's plea

Nikam welcomes Home Ministry's decision to reject Kasab's plea

Ujjwal Nikam, Special Public Prosecutor in the 26/11 case, today welcomed the decision of the Union Home Ministry to reject the mercy plea of the lone surviving terrorist in the Mumbai terror attacks Ajmal Kasab.

"We have shown to the entire world that in a democratic country like India, we can complete trial against a terrorist within the shortest possible time by following the principles of natural justice and legal process", Nikam told PTI.

"I would appeal to the President of India to take a decision on the mercy petition of Kasab before November 26, which shall mark four years of diabolic attacks unleashed upon India by terror organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). This would be a great homage to the victims," Nikam said.

The Home Ministry's rejection of the mercy plea would not be binding on the President and he would take an independent view in the matter, Nikam said.

In the process, however, the President will be required to give due weightage to the recommendation of the State and the Centre, Nikam added.

Earlier in the day the Home Ministry said it had rejected Kasab's mercy plea and forwarded its recommendation to the President for further action.

Ajmal Kasab had moved a mercy petition before the President after the Supreme Court upheld his death sentence in the 26/11 case on August 29.

Kasab and nine other Pakistani terrorists had landed here on November 26, 2008 by sea from Karachi and unleashed an orgy of violence killing 166 people, including foreigners.
While Kasab was captured alive, the other terrorists were killed by security forces.