Brazilian sexagenarian gives birth to twins

Brazilian sexagenarian gives birth to twins

Brazilian sexagenarian gives birth to twins

A 61-year-old Brazilian woman who spent the last two decades trying to become a mother gave birth to twins this week, her doctor said Thursday.

The pregnancy was achieved using artificial insemination and 10-year-old frozen embryos.

Antonia Leticia Rovati Asti gave birth Monday thanks in part to the efforts of Orlando de Castro Neto, a specialist in assisted reproduction who the would-be mom sought out in 1992.

Asti tried in-vitro fertilization in 2002. Failing to become pregnant, she decided to adopt, but was rejected because of her age.

"The new attempt at artificial insemination was carried out with embryos that were left from the first procedure 10 years ago and were frozen," a source at Neto's clinic told EFE.
Asti's eggs were fertilized using sperm from her husband.

The twins, Sofia and Roberto, were delivered by caesarian at Sao Lucas Hospital in Santos, a week after the new mother turned 61.

"Antonia had preserved embryos from the first fertilization, but the embryos have a validity of 10 years, more or less, and they were reaching their end. She said she wanted to use them for a new attempt," Neto told the media.

"The age didn't matter at all," the doctor said. "The only condition is that a woman has a uterus."

The major obstacle facing people in the same situation as Asti is social prejudice against women over 40 bearing children, Neto said.