BJP trashes clean chit to Vadra in Haryana probe

BJP trashes clean chit to Vadra in Haryana probe

Describing the clean chit given to Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra by Haryana government as a "self-certification", BJP today said there was no reason to believe in the findings of the probe by state authorities.

It also demanded a fair inquiry into Vadra's claim that he had received an overdraft of Rs 7.94 crore from Corporation Bank which the latter has denied. "The clean-chit given by the Haryana government to Robert Vadra in the land deals is a self-certification.

"What else can they do? They are the accused, the investigators and the ones giving the clean chit. But in the case of Rs 7.5 crore overdraft from Corporation Bank which Vadra, his mother and his CA have claimed should be investigated," BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.

Speaking in Kanpur, party leader Rajnath Singh said, "You are talking about the Deputy Commissioners of the Government. Now if the allotment has been done by them only, how can say that it is wrong. So I feel that that there is no reason to believe in it." Singh demanded an impartial inquiry in the land deals monitored by Supreme Court.
"I believe that truth will come out only if an impartial inquiry under Supreme Court is done in such cases," the former BJP president told reporters.

The Opposition sought to know why the Finance Ministry, the Income Tax department, the Enforcement Directorate and other officials are silent on the Corporation Bank issue.

"Vadra cannot lie, and his CA can definitely cannot lie. So that would mean the Bank is lying.    BJP wants to know where this Rs 7.5 Cr came from," Javadekar said. "A national bank has said it had not issued this overdraft. This Rs 7.50 crore, plus Rs 50 Lakh were converted into Rs 58 crore later," Javadekar said, referring to the money reportedly invested by Vadra in DLF and the return he got.

"So who is lying in this case? Why is the Corporate Affairs Ministry silent on this issue? Why is it not probing this matter?" Javadekar said.