Couple allege social boycott for 25 years

Couple allege social boycott for 25 years

Couple allege social boycott for 25 years

A couple facing social boycott for the past 25 years have lodged a complaint against village elders in Upparadoddi village of the taluk.

Sowbhagyamma of Upparadoddi and Puttaramu of Malagaranahalli married out of caste 25 years ago. The elders of Upparadoddi village had directed the couple to pay a ‘penalty’ of Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 once every three years. The couple were ostracised from the village.

They were denied entry into the temple and access to drinking water. The residents were asked not to speak to the couple and the village grocer was directed not to sell them any item. The couple, who worked as coolies, have paid more than Rs 20,000 as a ‘penalty’ till the day.

Meanwhile, the village elders in a meeting last week directed the couple to pay Rs 5,000 as a ‘penalty’ this year. Aghast at the quantum of money, the poor pair urged the elders to waive the payment.


The request was rejected and, the couple lodged a complaint on Friday.

Sridhar, sub-inspector, said they have received a complaint alleging social boycott and the police would collect more information by visiting the village.

He said the village elders would be convinced to withdraw the boycott failing which, legal action would be initiated against them.