Plumber retrieves engagement ring from sewage

Plumber retrieves engagement ring from sewage

A plumber in Britain helped a heartbroken woman to smile again by sifting through 100 gallons of sewage to find out her engagement ring which had slipped down the toilet five days ago.

Sian Robbins, 28, was running a bath when her platinum Tiffany ring - given to her by husband Adam, 34 - slipped off her finger and into a flushing loo, Daily Mail reported.

She desperately tried to recover the ring but it proved futile. Having turned , she approached a local plumber Dave Scanes for help.

Scanes visited Robbins' farmhouse five days later. He spent a gruelling seven hours manually sifting through waste to find the ring.

Robbins, of Bradford, said she burst into tears when Scanes showed her the ring. He has earned himself the name Diamond Dave with colleagues.

"When it went, I was absolutely devastated. Dave went the extra mile. When he found the ring, I couldn't believe it. I started crying.

"I was absolutely elated. I never would have suspected someone would have gone to such great lengths for a complete stranger," Scanes said.