Bangladesh launching system similar to Karnataka's 'Sakala'

Bangladesh launching system similar to Karnataka's 'Sakala'

Bangladesh plans to implement a system similar to Karnataka's "Sakala", the state's guarantee of services to citizens system, Karnataka Urban Development Minister S Suresh Kumar said today.

"Recognition to Sakala is not only pouring from other states within India, but also from other countries," he told reporters here.

Bangladesh has invited Sakala Additional Mission Director Munish Moudgil to be their resource person at the national workshop at Dhaka on October 28 and 29 for formulating a system similar to Sakala in their country, he said.

Sakala Mission Director Shalini Rajneesh said a team from Bangladesh had visited the state recently to study the system.

Incorporated as per the Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act 2011, Sakala provides guarantee of services to citizens in the state within the stipulated time limit for citizen-related services. The current scope of covers 151 services across 11 departments.

Suresh Kumar said an additional 114 services would be added from December 1.
As of yesterday, nearly 1.25 crore applications under Sakala had been received on a cumulative basis, and more than 1.21 crore had been disposed, the Minister said.