'Malicious campaign against PFI'

Popular Front of India (PFI) has been fighting for the rights of the oppressed Muslims, Dalits and members of the other backward communities for over 20 years. This has annoyed some political forces who are trying to curb the voice of PFI with a malicious campaign against the organisation to damage its image, said Popular Front of India National General Secretary K M Shareef.

Delivering the keynote address on 'Why Popular Front?’ at a convention organised at Nehru Maidan on Friday, he said that the Indian constitution provides rights to all communities to organise themselves. However, it is regretful that fascist forces are trying to portray Muslim organisations as extremists and militants. “These forces are knitting conspiracies, are spreading false propaganda against Popular Front as an anti-national. However, they have failed to provide any evidence against our organisation to substantiate their allegations,” he said.

PFI has been linked with SIMI. One should know that PFI started in 1993 and SIMI was banned in 2001. The allegation that PFI has been regrouping SIMI is baseless. “We have no connections with Pakistan. We want to develop India and Pakistan cannot develop Indian Muslims. We do not get funds from foreign countries. We do not have any religious motivations,” he said.

Even after 60 years of independence, the backward sections and minorities of our country continue to remain deprived of their rights. Muslims are living insecure and backward lifestyle due  to constant communal riots and religious discrimination.

PFI has played a very big role in creating a progressive society by conducting social activities at national and state levels, striving to restore the constitutional rights, demanding job and educational reservations, equality for all marginalised sections of the society, he said.

All India Imams Council National President Moulana Usman Baig said that RSS and BJP are not the only fascists. Congress is also a fascist. Muslims have suffered maximum during the Congress rule.

The Justice Rajendra Sachar Committee report says that Muslims are threatened by an identity crisis, equity crisis and are not delivered justice in the last 60 years. This is clearly visible when we look into the condition of Muslims in country.

It is sad that places such as Azamgadh and Bhatkal which is populated with Muslims is referred as a terrorist hub. Like Gujarat, the witch hunt of Muslim youth in Karnataka shows all signals of oncoming fake encounters, arrests, detentions and slapping of black laws in the near future.

“The national campaign 'Why Popular Front' was started with an aim to reach people and expose the truth. PFI is a message, invitation, thought and strength that cannot be diminished easily,” he said.

Ajmeer Dargah Sharief President Sayyed Sarwar Chisthy said that Muslims are simply tagged as terrorists. However, in case Narendra Modi, responsible for the genocide in Gujarat in 2002 becomes the Prime Minister, then Muslims may really have to become terrorists to demand for their rights, he said.

BSP State President Marasandra Muniyappa, PFI State President Ilyas Mohammed, National Women's Front National President Shahida Tasneem were present.

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