Riding high on a dream

Riding high on a dream

Bike Craze

The craze for bikes knows no bounds especially among the young who swear by their bikes and compete to own the best of brands.

There are those among the young who keep a track of the bikes and slowly develop an inclination towards a particular brand right from their childhood.  The craze for these scramblers change from time to time and shifts from one bike to another according to the size of their pockets and favourite model. Many opt for alterations in the external structure to grab maximum eyeballs. Kamal, an employee in GG Electronics, Peenya is proud about his Yamaha R15 motorbike for which he paid nothing less than a lakh, “I was always passionate about automobiles since my childhood. I dreamt of having a special scrambler which could grab maximum attention. I decided to own my dream bike with my first salary.”

He reveals that many of his friends are crazy about his bike. “More than 25 people rode it and were thrilled. Parking this huge bike is a bit of a problem sometimes,” he beams. He has a dream to own a BMW car in future with his salary.

“Comfort wise CBZ Xtreme is the best,” reasons Tabreez.  He says, “I feel as if I am riding in the air when I am riding this majestic beast. It looks like a ‘Hunk’ and is sporty in performance. “Also these brawny bikes really help impress girls,” he quips.

For Manoj, his bike Glamour has brought more meaning into his life. “My bike has given me a unique identity in college. This sizzling beauty has boosted my confidence and has become a part of my personality,” he reasons and adds, “I am a student and I don’t have enough money to purchase my dream bike. Once I start working, I will definitely have Hunk. That solid and stylish bike has all the features I want.”

Ramesh, a worker in Manjunath Auto Works owns a Suzuki Shogun bike but with a lot of alterations and modifications. “I am not financially sound to purchase a new vehicle. So, I decided to give a new look to it. Hence, the bike underwent alterations right from the paint to the engine reed and chambers,” says Ramesh.
Shrinivas, who designed and redesigned the dream bikes of numerous youngsters, has twenty years of experience in this field.  “By using limited resources, I modify the structure of vehicles according to the customer’s requirements. I make alterations in the interiors and in the external appearance. People who come to me get what they want,” he signs off.