Miles away from box-office hit!

Miles away from box-office hit!

Miles away from box-office hit!

After his debut in Kal Kissne Dekha in 2009 and the boy-next-door role in F.A.L.T.U, actor Jackky Bhagnani got to work in the recently released rom-com, Ajab Gazabb Love, where he was cast opposite Sandalwood beauty Nidhi Subbaiah.

Metrolife speaks to the young actor about the film, Bollywood and Bangalore.
Unlike the other actors in the film, the pressure is more on Jackky because his father,
Vashu Bhagnani has produced the film.  

“On the set, my father was more strict than usual, probably because he felt that he should set an example for me. It was difficult because after I packed up, I went home to him. If I wanted to go out in the night and had an early shoot the next morning, I couldn’t even lie because he’d know,” confesses the 27-year-old.
However, this helped him be more dedicated to the film and go that extra mile to make it what it is.  “I was more responsible because someone like me can easily become a victim of ‘Oh! He’s got it easy’. I worked a little extra to prove everyone wrong,” he says.

 He feels that among the three films that he has done so far, this has been the best.
“I can very proudly say that I’ve made very genuine friends. It’s been very special for me in terms of emotional value, learning and getting mature and confident as an actor. I feel I’ve grown as a person,” shares Jackky.

When Jackky is not busy acting, he enjoys pursuing his other passions.   He notes, “I love dancing, travelling and learning about new things. I like knowing about different cultures and religions, even though I’m not a great reader because I fall asleep,” says the actor.

“Also, I love politics so much that I can outdo politicians when it comes to talking about it. Maybe, I’ll take it up after forty,” he jokes.

There seems to be a lot of new faces entering  Bollywood and according to Jackky, this is a “superb time” to join the bandwagon. “You see all the newcomers coming in and doing well, not only commercially but also in the eyes of the critics. We’ve had ‘Student of the Year’, Ishaqzaade, ‘Delhi Belly’ and now, Ajab Gazabb Love. The audience today is willing to accept new talent in a commercial film,” he comments.

When asked about his trip to the City, he smiles and exclaims, “I love this City. The Bangalore vibe is too cool and that’s how the young generation is. I can be normal and straight up here and don’t have to put up a facade. The best part is that people get my sense of humour here!” he wraps up.