'We are all friends'

'We are all friends'

'We are all friends'

The members of the students’ unions of different colleges in the City believe that it is imperative to share a good rapport with each other.

Although the colleges may be rivals, the union members of one college are in constant touch with the union members of another, either through networking sites or phone.
Metrolife interacts with the union members of some of the colleges to understand the benefits of this kind of a communication. Most members of the unions say that such friendships come in handy during fests and inter-collegiate events.

The members of the Mount Carmel College union confess that they are proactive when it comes to staying in  touch with the union members of other colleges.

Gayathri Kunte, the president of the union, says, “Our interactions with student unions from other colleges have been proactive, aiming towards fostering greater student growth. The opportunities for such collaborations come through inter-collegiate fests, events and competitions.”

Sharing her experience, Meghana Harinath, the cultural secretary, says that the interactions have been extremely warm and friendly.

“The student government body of different colleges share the same responsibilities, which unites us. Together, we work towards the common goal of proliferating student participation through myriad events and fests. Each and every union is one-of-a-kind and enormously talented,” observes Meghana.

The student council of CMR Institute of Technology (CMRIT) believes in leading by example. They say running the student body and taking a decision is a lot of responsibility. Staying in touch with the student government of other colleges is a challenge in itself. Sagar Datta, president, student council, says, “Managing a student body is all about tackling internal affairs and external issues. The participation from other colleges during conferences, workshops and fests depends upon the rapport the unions of different colleges share with each other.”

He adds, “The idea is to give respect and take respect. We respect all the students coming from other colleges for  different workshops, fests and seminars. We reciprocate their calls and answer the queries of students of other colleges and their union members.”

Susmit Paul, president of the Student Bar Association of National Law School of India University (NLSIU), thinks that it’s not only a matter of pride to head the student body of such a prestigious university but one that comes with immense responsibility.

“Most of our fests are national in character and we have colleges participating from across the country. We are in constant touch with fellow students from Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and other parts of the country. We exchange a lot of information through Facebook and if needed, we call each other as well. We don’t share an official relationship, we are all friends and that helps,” shares Susmit.