A rhythm divine

A rhythm divine

A rhythm divine

Antara Artists Collective presented performances by three very reputed artistes — kathak dancer Rajendra Gangani and sitarists Ustad Rais Bale Khan and Ustad Hafiz Bale Khan at the Indiranagar Sangeet Sabha recently. It was a delightful rendition of song and dance.

The evening began with the recitals of Ustad Rais Bale Khan and Ustad Hafiz Bale Khan. The brothers were dressed in colourful attires and were more than happy to perform in the City. “We get a very warm response when we perform here and we have so many of our family and friends here,” said Ustad Rais Bale Khan.

The brothers, who had learnt under the guidance of their father Ustad Bale Khan, confessed that it is a challenge to live up to the standard that their father set in Hindustani music.

“We have both grown up in the same tradition and but we have our individual creative styles and we indulge in a lot of experimentation and improvisation. Playing together is a challenge,” Ustad Rais Bale Khan added.

He observed that constant practice, patience, humility and a willingness to learn has brought them so far. Ustad Rais Bale Khan also said that music has grown a lot from the time they started, “People can now take up music as a career option rather than pursue it as a hobby. You can earn a livelihood, the profession is truly satisfying and fulfilling,” he said.

The two brothers performed a jugalbandi, which was the highlight of the evening. They were accompanied by Rajendra Nakod on the tabla and Junaid Shaik on the tanpura.

Their performance was followed by a kathak recital by Rajendra Gangani. His fans and students had come to watch the performance. He began the evening with a Shivastuti, which was in praise of Lord Shiva. “The idea is to worship and praise Lord Shiva through Nrithya,” said Rajendra.

He then moved on to perform a rhythm-based pieced and danced to a jugalbandi between the ghatam and the tabla, “It’s more of a question and answer between the ghatam and the tabla. All the pieces have been carefully selected to take Bangaloreans through the different rhythms in dance,” he added.

Rajendra concluded with a Rambhajan, which is a bhajan praising the beauty and greatness of Lord Ram.

Rajendra was accompanied by Vijay Parihar (vocals), Yogesh Gangani (tabla) and Amir Khan (sarangi). 

The evening was well-attended by those who have heard and follow the artistes on a regular basis.

Radhika, who had attended a workshop by Rajendra, said, “It is his dedication and commitment to the dance form that impressed me. He took us through various moods.

He’s a brilliant dancer.” Anitha Prasad, another music lover observed, “It was delightful to watch two legends perform on the same stage. It was
music and dance at its best.”

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