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Last Updated 16 November 2012, 14:44 IST

Crisp dosas and soft idlis make for the perfect evening snack and that is the reason why AVR Dosa, located in Koramangala 6th Block near the passport office, is always crowded with people of different age groups, gorging on fresh snacks.

“We started the eatery a while back and sell only South Indian delicacies like different types of dosa, vada and idli. The eatery is more like a hub for youngsters — the prices have been kept moderate so as to attract the moving crowd. There are many big offices around and we have the maximum crowd during lunch time and in the evenings,” says Kumaran, one of the proprietors of the eatery.

The eatery is popular for its crunchy masala dosa and fresh idli, which are served with coconut and chilli chutney.

“The idlis are made in batches throughout the day and we serve them for
breakfast and lunch. The batter is prepared overnight so that there is no shortage. Unlike other snack centres, we don’t put synthetic ingredients in our food and that is why people come to us,” he adds.

The process of making the dosa is quite interesting to observe — the batter is spread evenly on the huge tawa and oil is then sprinkled generously onto it.

The masala is layered evenly on the partially-cooked dosa. Finally, it is folded skillfully and served with coconut and chilli chutney as well piping hot sambhar.

The eatery has become so popular with the youngsters living in PGs in and around the area that most of them prefer to have their meals there.

“Some of our customers are regulars in our shop. We know what they want most of the time. This area has many paying-guest accommodations and it is easier for them to come here, rather than go to far-off places for food. We don’t have as many varieties as those who sell dosas on the carts; however, what we sell is authentic and healthy. We are very particular about keeping the eatery clean and serving fresh food,” he says.

Other varieties of dosa include butter masala dosa, ghee masala dosa and rawa dosa. The eatery also serves medu vada, tomato uttapam, cheese uttapam etc.

They customise the dosas and uttapams according to the demands of the customers.
“Some people want cheese in their dosa and some want less tomato in their uttapam. Some want it spicier and others want it less so. We are flexible and cater to all taste buds. We will introduce more items in the future but as of now, we are happy with the fact that the response has been good,” he sums up.

(Published 16 November 2012, 14:44 IST)

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