Chilly weather is here to stay

Chilly weather is here to stay

Chilly weather is here to stay

Deadly cyclone Nilam may have passed, but the effect still remains with Mysore experiencing advancement of cold season by a fortnight due to sudden depression.

If gone by the readings of weatherman, it will also be the lengthiest with cold waves expected to breeze till March next.

Starting from Thursday, the minimum temperature has dipped to 10 degree celsius — also a record in the month of November, following the record rains received on October 8 (151.4 mm).

Speaking to Deccan Herald, nodal officer at Naganahalli Organic Research and Farming Centre K Govindaraj attributed the prevailing weather condition to Nilam. However, there was a tad rise in the temperature on Friday at 10.8 degree celsius.

It will decrease further in the days to come touching nine degree celsius. Earlier, the minium temperature was record 8.5 degree celsius on December 23, 2011. If taken to account the temperature of previous December, the coming month may be still worse in terms of cold.

The officer reasoned that a delay in monsoon and early winter will have an adverse effect, but with varying degree. If gone by the season, rainfall was expected in the month of September, but it began to pour in the month of October, a few days into Jamboo Savari.

Dhanurmasa, begins in mid-December till Sankranti in January was considered as the coldest season earlier. The following months too (either February or March) till Shivaratri, cold season is experienced but it’s bearable.

Now, with the advancement of season, the weather expert says, Mysoreans will have to bear with the chilly weather for another one month taking it to two months in total.

The weather expert said, during the normal days the minimum temperature is recorded between 17 and 18 degree celsius.