Divided ways in college

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The City has its share of co-educational institutions as well as separate colleges for boys and girls.

Students of the two genders mingling freely with each other is often a topic of debate.
In fact, practising this segregation to the hilt is Jain University, which has separate lifts and stairs for girls and boys.

Metrolife speaks to some students to know their opinion on the matter.

Niti (name changed), an MA student of Jain University, opines that rules such as these are fine only for PU students and not beyond that.

She says, “I think different stairs and lifts for boys and girls can be understood – not accepted – only till PUC. For degree and especially postgraduate students, such rules seem very immature and unnecessary. As adults, we know how to behave and do not have to be monitored on that front, at least.”

The students feel that all of them should not be punished for the mistakes of some. Prakriti (name changed), a journalism student of Jain University, says, “It is okay to have different lifts, but to have different stairs is not a good idea. In classes, some lecturers allow us to sit next to boys, but some wants us to sit next to only girls. An institution should trust its students. If somebody crosses the limit, only that person should be punished. Applying a blanket rule on everybody does not make sense.”

Namratha, a psychologist, says, “Imposing rules are not the best of options. When a rule is imposed, the behaviour observed is usually against it. When girls and boys are asked to take different stairs, there could be chances of them breaking the rule. Values such as these cannot be dictated, it should come from within. According to me, it is not a good idea.”

Maithili P Rao, principal, Jain University says, “Having different stairs or lifts is more of a utility issue and also about being practical. Jain University, J C Road campus alone has more than 7,000 students and use of the same stairs by both girls and boys could lead to a stampede. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, we have taken this decision. We don’t want any girl to complain later about the proximity to guys while using same steps or lifts.”

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