A blend of East and West

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A blend of East and West

A collaborative performance by flautist Shashank Subramanyam and the jazz band from Denmark, ‘The New Jungle Orchestra’, will be held on November 23, 8 pm at B Flat Jazz Club in Indiranagar.

The line up of artistes are Pierre Doerge (conductor and guitar), Shashank
Subramanyam (Indian bamboo flute), Helle Becker (keyboard), Morten Carlsen (tenor
saxophone and taragot), Jakob Mygind (soprano and tenor saxophone),
Anders Banke (clarinet and bass clarinet), Martin Andersen (drums and
percussion) and Sai Giridhar (mridangam and khanjira).

The concert line up consists of a number of melodies composed by Pierre Dorge, Irene
Becker, Morten Carlsen and Shashank which is a mix of African, Indian,
Asian and European music.

Formed in 1980, the band was named so after the ‘growling jungle’ sound of Duke Ellington’s genre of jazz.

The evening will be a melding of sounds played by virtuosos on their favourite instruments.
The clarinet, trumpet, trombone, tenor sax, soprano sax, keyboard and drums represent
the West while the mridangam and Shashank’s fistful of flutes represents the East.

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