Tamaka is miles away from civic amenities

The one-time village on the Kolar outskirts is ripped apart by NH-4
Last Updated 27 November 2012, 20:25 IST

Tamaka, the residential locality under the first ward of the City Municipality, is miles away from basic amenities necessary for human habitation.

Tamaka was a village before it came under the limits of Kolar City Municipality. The village has now been divided into four parts with the construction of the National Highway-4. A majority of the agricultural land of the erstwhile village is now ripped apart among Jalappa Hospital, Horticultural College, industrial estate and new extension.

People who lost their land for the ‘development’ have left the village while some continue to live with the persisting problems. The inhabitants include employees of the hospital who have come from other states and the workers at the nearby industrial units.
It has already been 19 years since the Kolar Urban Development Authority (KUDA) formed layout on the farm land, which was dependent on Kolaramma tank for irrigation. However, more than 100 houses in the area are yet to get power, water and sanitary connection.

Of late, the Authority has taken up some development work.
The village on the other side of the highway is struggling to retain is rural character while fighting urbanisation. The work on construction of drainage in the narrow roads of Tamaka has begun recently. Stagnation of sewage in front of houses in low-lying areas has become a common feature in this area.

Surprisingly, in some stretches, concrete road has been constructed without providing for storm water drainage or sewage line.

The industrial area on the other part of Tamaka is totally delinked from the main village.
Construction of the national highway, while ensuring the so-called development, has brought miseries in its wake. Accidents have become a common feature in the area. The demand for construction of an underpass from Tamaka old village has not been heeded to. Instead, the National Highway Authority of India constructed an underpass at a junction, away from Tamaka. The residents have to take only this route to approach their farm land.

The new extension and the old village area were facing drinking water scarcity for the last one year.

However, the situation has eased after sinking of borewells.
The residents, however, have a grouse that the municipality has neglected them when it comes construction of sewerage and lifting of garbage.

Attempts to contact ward councillor, Lal Bahadur Shastry, went in vain.

(Published 27 November 2012, 20:25 IST)

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