SAP Hindi packs score big with US firms

While it is understandable that SAP’s Hindi language module had been downloaded by many users in India, the company has said that a sizeable number of companies in the US have also downloaded the language pack.

“We piloted (the Hindi Language pack) in August and released it on National Language day (Sep 14),” said SAP Lab India Vice-President for Globalisation Services Navaneet Mishra.

“Ever since its roll out on October 1, it had been downloaded 120 times. It’s most interesting that the download of Hindi Language packs have happened in the US, where our large customers who depend on Indian partners needed to check if the pack works fine.”

So far, the employee self-service module has been released in Hindi as SAP Labs feels it creates greater inclusion in larger enterprises.

“Let’s assume (the enterprise) has to set up employee self service for many things from paying house rent to tax, such things had been open only to those who were conversant with English.

With the advent of the language pack, the service can be extended beyond the smaller number of people who could manage English,” Mishra said, revealing that SAP Labs would be interested to work with partners to roll out the module in other Indian languages.

GST implementation

As for the possibilities of working with the government on providing the technology for GST implementation, Mishra said SAP has been in dialogue with the government presenting the best practices at home and abroad where SAP implementations have worked well in complex environments.

“The technology we have currently such as Hana (the in-memory computing tool) makes it possible for the (state and Central) governments to do huge number crunching. Of course, it’s too early to speak about GST, but we are hopeful that the government would eventually see the technology and our experiences internationally in implementing similar projects.”

Seeking to give an example of the role SAP Labs India is playing in finding solutions for hitherto complex issues, Mishra pointed out that the File Lifecycle Management solution created out of the Bangalore office has sparked widespread interest in the public sector.
“At least 13 public sector organisations have shown interest in the solution and are in the next level of talks,” he said.

The digital filing solution empowers decision makers to act on projects as it allows file tracking and enables the authorities to provide the rationale for their decisions.
“The transparent system ensures that the process is without disruption in which auditing becomes easier,” he said.

SAP Tech Ed

Meanwhile, SAP TechEd, the business solutions provider’s three-day annual developer event, began on Wednesday with the speakers highlighting the success the company had with the in-memory computing tool Hana and its implication to businesses when combined with mobile and cloud.

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